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Andrew Payne 

Andrew Payne has written several plays, including Then What, Squash, The Plan, The Meeting, Don't go there, Nice Frock. All have been successfully staged in France in private and subsidized theatres.

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Andrew Payne's plays 

Then What & Squash

Petit Montparnasse, 2006
Théâtre de la Commune, 2009
Festival d'Avignon, 2007, 2022

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The Plan 

Studio des Champs-Elysées, 2008

The Plan
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The Meeting

Petit Montparnasse, 2013

Hampstead Theater, 2016

Don't go there

Festival d'Avignon, 2018, 2020
Artistic Théâtre, 2022

Don't go there
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Nice Frock, 2021
Artistic Théâtre, 2022


Artistic Théâtre, 2022


"Andrew Payne is suited to the stage. His characters are strikingly authentic."

Armelle Héliot | Le Figaro


"Andrew Payne is social dynamite. It's raw, hilarious and frighteningly intelligent."

Gilles Costaz | Les Echos

"Payne portrays his contemporaries in an unflattering light. But isn't there some truth in the charge?"

Jacques Nerson | Le Point

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