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"A complexity and a humour that come from London, a city where, luckily, they take humour seriously. One thinks of Pinter, Ayckbourn, Bond or Stoppard."

Gilles Costaz | Les Echos

 "Payne is an outstanding portraitist. With a vicious but humorous approach, the English playwright shines a light on the dark corners of human nature."

Marie-Céline Nivière | Pariscope 

"it's at once brutal and delicate, raw and complex, direct and undulating, political and dreamlike, idealistic
and nightmarish..."

Antoine Perraud | Médiapart

"For Andrew Payne, the company is a formidable human laboratory. It is clever, twisted and hilarious."

Philippe Chevilley | Les Echos

"This very physical yet very sensitive theatre is so out of keeping with the taste of current French drama that
it comes as a happy surprise."

Philippe Tesson | Le Figaro Magazine

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