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Don't Go There

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translated by Robert Plagnol

directed by Gilles Bannier

with Robert Plagnol

Festival d'Avignon, 2018

directed by par Patrice Kerbrat, 2020
Artistic théâtre, 2022

Franck is allergic to bad taste and authority. Which, since childhood, has regularly got him into trouble. Even with the law. After an eventful evening, at three in the morning, this lover of literature and made-to-measure suits is waiting for his wife...

La Femme de ma vie - Kube Hôtel
Dyptique - Artistic Théâtre


"Andrew Payne, psychologist and master of action, at his best. The writing is cinematic, very British in its dark, offbeat humour."

 "Don't Go There is a total success: black humour with an edge,
razor-sharp lines, it all works
at full throttle."

"Andrew Payne plays with the codes of film noir using his singular rhythm to create a stage atmosphere akin to Pinter."

"Andrew Payne's dark and powerful monologue."

"An intimate thriller with a dark, foreboding atmosphere."

"It's a storm in a slightly cracked head, and it grips you to the core."

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