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Dyptique - Artistic Théâtre

Monologues performed
as a double-bill
translated  Robert Plagnol

directed by Patrice Kerbrat

with Robert Plagnol

Artistic Théâtre, 2022

Don't Go There : Franck is allergic to bad taste and authority. Which, since childhood, has regularly got him into trouble. Even with the law. After an eventful evening, at three in the morning, this lover of literature and made-to-measure suits is waiting for his wife...

Nice Frock : Mike has a good job, is married, has a daughter and lives in a nice house. But he's bored. His colleagues are depressed, his boss is incompetent, his wife won't give him any credit and his daughter ignores him. When Freddy, a charismatic property developer, offers him a partnership, he doesn't hesitate. Will love, money and respect finally come his way? Hope springs eternal...

La Femme de ma vie - Molitor
Une Jolie Robe - AFFICHE .jpg
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