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The Plan


translated by vanessa Chouraqui and Robert Plagnol

directed by Michel Fagadau

with Aure Atika, Natacha Régnier
Robert Plagnol, Thomas Chabrol

Studio des Champs-Elysées, 2008

Tom, a young man in his thirties, lives in London with two close friends: Craig, who he has known all his life, and Craig’s wife Sarah who has become his lover and confidante. His history of drug abuse still haunts him and prevents him from establishing healthy relationships with those around him. He manages to maintain this delicate balance in his lfe until he meets Annie who has no qualms about stirring up the demons of his past and wreaking havoc within the group.


"False friendship, manipulation, cynicism, a laissez-faire attitude - it's all there in this cinematically written play."

"English playwright Andrew Payne is happy to portray his contemporaries in an unflattering light."

"It's direct, it's brutal, it's crude, it's cruel, it's an unvarnished portrait of a generation without reference points."

"Andrew Payne is a champion of liberated characters."

"It's very subtle, written in a harsh, unaffected language."

"Sentiment is omnipresent, but usually understated."

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