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Then What & Squash 

Théâtre de la Commune

translated by vanessa Chouraqui and Robert Plagnol

directed by Patrice Kerbrat

with Benjamin Boyer and Robert Plagnol

Petit Montparnasse, 2006

Festival d'Avignon, 2007

Théâtre de la commune, 2009

directed by par Robert Plagnol
with Pascal Lacoste and Nicolas Soulié
on, 2022

Then What: Alan and Brian are screenwriters who have been turning out episodes of mediocre TV shows for years. The former is diligent, punctual and serious while the latter is flamboyant, boastful and jealous. When Brian discovers that Alan has written a screenplay for the cinema, and that John Malkovich has agreed to play the lead role, a confrontation is inevitable.

Squash: Greg and Ryan have known each other for a long time. They meet every Wednesday to play squash. One night, Ryan needs an alibi because he has an assignation with Leslie, a beautiful and sexually adventurous woman he can't resist. Greg is gradually drawn into Ryan’s tangled web of lies, creating a crisis that threatens both of them.

Squash -Avignon
SQUASH sur directautheatre


"The dialogue is sharp, full of anxious banter. This show is highly recommended for lovers of theatrical adventures."

"Two young men in London today, living their ordinary lives. Cruel and fascinating, a highpoint of
theatrical art."

"In theatre, English authors are fast where French writers are profound. Sometimes, we prefer speed which can bring its own profundity."

"The very British Andrew Payne  weaves together seemingly innocuous dialogue, and provides no easy tying up of loose ends."

"Conflicting needs, conflicting personalities. Sparks fly from this confrontation. Ping, pong, pif, paf."

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