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The Meeting

Hamstead Theater

translated by Robert Plagnol

directed by Patrice Kerbrat

with Swann Arlaud, Anne Bouvier,
Patrice Kerbrat and
Robert Plagnol

Petit Montparnasse, 2013

directed by Denis Lawson

with Mark Hadfield, Rebecca Night,
Malcolm Sinclair and
Sam Swainsbury

Hampstead Theater, 2016

Stratton and Cole are waiting to meet Jack to finally seal the deal, a contract that will make or break their careers. But it soon becomes clear that Jack isn’t going to make it. He’s been escorted out of the building by security following ‘an incident’ and now they’re negotiating with his female deputy instead.

The men can’t quite believe their luck. But far from proving an easy ride, Jack’s stand-in turns out to be an unexpectedly astute opponent and a much tougher nut to crack than her male predecessor…

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"But one is grabbed immediately by the language and it doesn’t let you go until the last line."

"It's a hell of a boxing match, and very English. One thinks of Pinter, Ayckbourn, Bond or Stoppard."

"A massacre, rages, in which all human weaknesses and fears are revealed: hilarious."

"Andrew Payne is an outstanding portraitist."

"It's as ferocious as David Mamet, with even more devastating humour."

"A delight for spectators who love the second or third degree."

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